Is it possible for me to have my bouquet done up exactly as the picture? 

we refrain from making any promises as there are many factors that needs to be considered - the types of wrapping, flower & foliage available. Every flower & foliage brought in are bound to have slight variations as they are all natural products of the Earth!


Why are bridal bouquets more costly?

our florists go the extra mile to pick the best bloom out of every bundle brought in, customise them to suit our brides' special occasion. An extra dose of effort goes in to every bridal bouquet!


How do you derive the prices listed?

our prices considers several factors - number of stalks & types of flowers used, wrappings, ribbons & of course, the handiwork of our lovely florists! 


Where do I collect my order from?

all orders are available for collection at 90 Horne Road.


Is delivery chargeable?

Yes. View our delivery rates here.

for more queries, write in to us at sales@flowerstory.com.sg