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Our hydrangea table arrangement is perfect for those who aren't keen on roses. 

Take it up a notch by adding on an evoucher to Maison 21G's perfume workshop!

Uncover the art of perfumery and create your own signature scent at our
interactive, dynamic, and fascinating atelier workshop. This is a unique
opportunity to become a scent designer for the day, and a chance to partake
in an interactive workshop that will reveal precious ingredients, secret
creation techniques, and which scent suits you best! Our expert perfumiers
will guide you as you create your own scent, and you’ll be able to take home
one full-sized personalised bottle, filled with your own unique creation.
This workshop is ideal for both individuals and groups and will generally
last one hour or more depending on the group size. Let us take you on a
journey of olfactory exploration.
Duration: 1h

This unique perfume workshop has been tailored to bring loved ones together,
indulging in a shared passion for perfume and revealing the luxurious
secrets of scent. At our famous Love Atelier workshops, you and your partner
will be invited to craft and personalise your own signature scents,
exploring the precious ingredients that ignite your senses as an individual,
and discovering which fragrances unite you as a couple. Once you have
uncovered your own perfect scent combination, you’ll have the chance to
curate a unique perfect which encapsulates your love - the scent which
epitomises your relationship, and which will provide lasting sweet memories
and sensual shared moments. This interactive workshop is guided by an expert
perfumier and includes three full-sized customised perfume creations for you
to take home (one tailored perfume each, and one shared perfume creation).
It will generally last between one and two hours and includes two
complementary glasses of bubbles. Let the wonder of perfume reveal the scent
of your love.
Duration: 2 hours sessions

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